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EphemeralMag is an online platform that was founded in 2014 by students in the Department of Visual Cultures, at Goldsmiths, University of London. We aim to explore the themes of visual cultures and produce a dialogue between students, professionals and artists, discussing ongoing questions and criticisms that stem from engaging with visual culture.

By working as a collective, we hope to generate a more responsive approach and greater involvement with these discourses that are relevant to progressive times, whilst not being governed by elite sources. By building this online archive, we aim to develop a dialogue that is unbiased and globally unrestrained. Alongside these aims, we also see this project as a way of connecting people with different interests and skills, creating new paradigms unseen in the peripheries currently present regarding institutions and professionals.

We are delighted to be able to present our first print publication to you, which has been possible thanks to the Annual Fund Scheme available to students at Goldsmiths Univeristy. This publication coincides with the celebratory events taking place for the tenth anniversary of the Visual Cultures Department, such as the Visual cultures ten exhibition at The Showroom Gallery, and the VOLUME X exhbition at Goldsmiths University.

This special print edition displays four essays by students in the department, chosen and edited by staff and students collectively. Concurrent to this, we have a re-designed the online platform where more of our selected essays are on display.
available at: www.ephemeralmag.com

We would like to acknowledge and thank all of the students who submitted their essays, the artists who contributed their artwork, the staff who helped guide us through this project, and the Annual Fund Scheme.

Bobbie Apps

  • Archive and Spectacle
  • Beckett and Aesthetics
  • Cohabitations
  • Curating and the Curatorial
  • Dissertation
  • Electronic Resistance
  • Emancipated Images
  • Fashion as a Dialectical Image
  • Fictioning
  • Film Fables
  • Forming the Commons
  • Museums Galleries and Exhibitions
  • Philosophies of Nature
  • Popular Modernism
  • Post Modernities
  • Sexual Poetics
  • The Fact of Blackness
Making Pictures
Melissa Magnuson
The Artist as Curator
Virginia Simonazzi
To E –
Jacob Bates- Firth