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© Naohiro Utagawa
One of the 10 selected prints taken from ‘Daily’ shown at the X|12 pop-up gallery at Ti Pi Tin

Project X12 brings to London a platform for independent publications

2015 seems to be the year of independent publications and it can feel hard to keep updated on the latest news in this flourishing, fast pace world of information. Luckily there is someone to partially aid this dilemma.

The one-month old London-based platform, XI2, internationally digs into piles of cosmopolitan publications, bringing dynamic material to a platform in London. X12 intends to research and propose to the British audience, independent and self-published publications, that have not yet been bought or sold within England.
Every month this year, they will display here in London, an unseen photographic book, satisfying our desire for publications.
We went to the launch of the first publication in January at Ti Pi Tin project space in Stoke Newington, in participation with Arthur Frank, an independent publishing house.
The first publication flew directly from Japan, together with its creator, artist Naohiro Utagawa. Published by SPACE CADET, “Daily” is a personal account on the photographer’s family: Utawaga took portraits of his father everyday for one year, before modifying them with colourful and mysterious drawings.
Due to the success of this first pop-up presentation, we urge you to keep an eye on the future releases of XI2 to catch the next arrival!




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