Guest Writer: Bianca Porcu- Just What Is It That Makes Hamilton So Popular, So Modern?

By Tuesday, March 17, 2015 0 0
Guest writer Bianca Porcu discusses perspectives concerning Richard Hamilton, focusing on his well known Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, in her essay Just What Is It That Makes Hamilton So Popular, So Modern?


“The main inspiration was to write about a pop artist that is not only British, but that also I feel is often overshadowed by the ever-present Andy Warhol. Hamilton was not only a great artist but also a great personality, as testified everyone that knew him. He never stopped working and evolving until the end of his life and his artistic production is of great interest not only as far as pop art went in the 1950s but also for the most recent developments and creations.”


Bianca hopes that through this essay she makes clear that Richard Hamilton was not merely a populist artist but indeed popular, and that his art was a carrier of great innovation and profoundly influenced not only by modernity but also artists and creative personalities that came after him.


Bianca’s writing mostly engages with artists and art practices that are somewhat “classical”, mainly painting. Her aim is to explore them in order to establish a relation between the artist or artwork and a socio-political context.”My main concern when I research and write is to discover what art can do for art and for us and our world.”


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