The rapid change of visual culture, brought by the internet and expansive global connections, is evident. At EphemeralMag, we believe that missing from this sector is a dialogue inclusive enough of the body it represents. Artists, curators and critics are among many who retreat to the internet in order to contribute to this dialogue, usually via. individual blogs, limiting the responsive value their work could generate. Magazines and online articles provide us with updated content concerned with visual culture, galleries, artists etc, that we digest, however this also instigates boundaries as we are only provided selected information and content.

We wish to embark on an inclusive project open to students, professionals, artists or people with general interest, in order to create ongoing questions, projects, and criticisms that stem from engaging with visual culture.  We hope to allow a more responsive approach and involvement with visual culture that is relevant to our progressive times, whilst not being governed by elite sources, and working as a collective. In building this online archive, we can develop a dialogue that is unbiased and globally unrestrained. Alongside these aims, we also see this project as a way of connecting people with different interests and skills, creating new paradigms unseen in the peripheries currently present regarding institutions and professionals.

EphemeralMag is run by a small group of students in association with the Visual Cultures Society, who attend Goldsmiths, University of London, so the events and teachings at the university impact our activities. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate a section of the website specifically to Goldsmiths’ related content.


Core Contributors:

Bobbie Apps

Hannah Reeves

Alana Young

Polisenna Galdo

Sofia Gallarate

Andy Kuo

Maria Edmée Di Sambuy